Sunday, January 11, 2009

Art Day

This week I hosted the first "Art Day" of 2009. "Art Day " is normally a week day set aside for artist friends to rendezvous at one of our houses and create all kinds of cool art for the day. This is outside so the weather is watched closely and we all really love these days when it happens. Sometimes it is a few of us and up to 6 or so...we share ideas, thoughts, supplies, lots of laughs and mutual support. It is always different what we are working on, all mediums, all styles and most importantly always supportive. This week is it at my house, on my studio patio and I set up long tables, chairs sometimes some nice music or at times we just enjoy my birds talking, my pond and quiet. I am not sure how many years we have been having Art Days but at has been over 6-7 i think. I really recomend it to any artist-even if you enjoy working alone. the time with other artists is really fun and the creative energy is contagious. The days of laughter, encouragement and conversations that tangent throughout the day linger. I am currently working on my show at Hyde Park Bar & Grill on Duval St. Austin in April. I need about 30 pieces to display so i am busily using every free moment to paint. Even with the nervous economy I must have faith people still want art to feel good..It makes me happy ! Till next art day !