Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moving Energy

I think allot of artists are aware when energy moves around. I think artists are very sensitive to all forces of this both negative and postitive. The last few months it was purposeful on my part to move it around. Even if by choice energy is moved it still takes a bit of time to "settle comfortably" . Although not all movement is originated from a postitive force intentions to continue can be postitive...the hope and belief that change is good ...shake things up, move them around..shuffle . The last few months have been all about this shuffle in my world. My art world and the friends within it and it is all good. The universe seems to jump on the back of my bike and help me peddle to help me keep up with myself ! I am always hopeful, positive and I think this time of shuffling is coming softly to a smooth pause. It feels like it is time to pull my paints out and start new originals. I am ready and I appreciate always the support I recieve from friends, family and the Universe peddling on the back of my life's bike.