Thursday, July 14, 2011

August Group Show @

In August I am participating in a group show with 5 other very talented artists at a local Austin Salon : Address : 1805 West. Ave, Austin, Tx. 78701. Show will exhibit August 1st-31st. Reception August 14th time 4-6pm. 

Robbin Robertson Polter

Robbin is a 4th generation folk artist and considers herself a contemporary folk artist .Her portfolio is colorful and  whimsical with an slight off balance edge. Robbin often moves easily between painting, found object collage, metal work and photography. Robbin has travelled extensively & is inpired by Central & South America, Hawaii and the Carribbean. Currently represented by Austin and Puerto Rican Art Galleries.  Manages several websites and business including :, &

Camille LaRue Olsen
Camille's oil paintings are primarily impressionistic, leaning toward fauvism and/or expressionism.  From portraits to landscapes and still lifes, she expresses both a heightened and blurred perception which mimics the feeling of momentarily zoning out.  Subject matter is occasionally whimsical or may be more contemplative. She hopes never to settle on exactly one way of seeing or conveying her vision., http://www.imaramblingal.blogspot

 Karina Martens
Karina Martens, is a textile and collage artist who grew up in the Appalachians. Her portfolio is colorful, complex, and psychological. Karina has lived and traveled in Europe, Quebec, New Zealand and throughout the United States. Her work has been displayed and sold in Texas, New York, Kansas, and Colorado. When not making art Karina is a nanny and photo editor. Her passions are family, travel, and the children she works with. You can see more of her work at

 Connie Miller

Connie Miller's palette knife, thick with rich oil paints, butters the canvas in a manner that gives us an impression of a summer's day or an impending storm. Landscapes and flowers, close up, are redolent of hikes through the woods, contemplative walks through a garden or a hot summer week at the beach. The light and color and shapes of a landscape all beckon to be painted and provide inspiration to the

Deborah Thomas

I paint exclusively in Oils. When I paint, I lose all track of time. It provides me with an outlet for my creativity and a time for myself. I love to paint landscapes and figures. I paint animals and am told often that my paintings capture the spirit of the person, scene or animal.I do plein air painting whenever I get the chance and the weather cooperates. In 2008, I went with a group of artists from Austin to paint in France with Ian Roberts. We painted in the vineyard and hills of Provence.This year I was juried in the Salon International at the Greenhouse Gallery. At the Wimberley Valley Art League shows I won several honorable mentions and Third Place. I also won Fourth Place at The Mahoning Valley Art Festival. View my blog to see my newest paintings:  

Kevin Dunne

Kevin was born in a beautiful jewel by the sea, Corpus Christi, Texas, where his mother often took him to feed the seagulls on the bayfront or search for seashells on nearby Padre Island.  The rich play of water, light, color, salt and wind thrilled his senses and oft reflects in his multi-media work. What he can't say, write or otherwise communicate has to come out somehow - thus...the art. He graduated from the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas.  His nascent art career is being jump-started by a few lovely and supportive souls including his wife, Lori, a fellow artist, Camille Olsen and a dear friend, Janie Proctor. His statement:  "More a medium than an artist, I feel my art is barely my own and yet I deeply connect with it.  When I surrender control, I'm at my best in channeling colorful impressions of a lush emotional realm that exists just beyond our normal abilities to sense.  Relaxing the viewer’s perspective and inciting their appreciation for our profoundly abundant lives is my hope.  Love and Creation are the muses of my medium-ship – and, probably, they are one.                contact: