Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Visit to the Islands

My daughter Mariel and I just returned from the US Virgin Islands. My dear friend Claire created Gallery St Thomas and has passed the creative wand and gallery ownership to owner/artist Ruth Prager. This was a business trip and I needed to check in with the beautiful main street gallery, visit with Ruth, deliver 2 large boxes of new artwork and then enjoy the islands. We visited many of Claire's fabulous friends and family while staying at her family's home overlooking Magens Bay. Listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world -it is truelly an inspiring and healing place. The colors change from sunrise, mid day, noonish to the warm afternoon sun and into the evening with surrounding mountains lite up by twinkly lights and the sounds of the birds and soft sounds of neighbors. It was only 4 or so days of paradise but we felt instantly at home and relaxed...the entire time missing our friend Claire. We assured all who asked how she was that she was happy in Richmond and missing her friends and family in the islands. Claire's family owns the Crystal Shoppes on island-3 stores total now and dear friends own 3 Carribean Surf stores..these are generous families always participating in the community and great stores to support in this tough economy. We have felt blessed being included into their lives and always welcomed in Claire's absence. I am at home closest to the ocean and while the snorkeling was not fantastic this trip the trips there are always an inspiration and surface into my art on the return. My very taented friend Ziya Neema has a show at Gallery St Thomas this Friday-this work inspired by her trip to Cambodia and Vietnam and I wish her much success. I look forward to returning to the Islands turquoise waters, white sands, turtles and island friends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

full time painting 2009

With some not so happy beginnings in 2009 ..a real bumpy beginning - I am spending my days painting. I wave my family goodbye-off to work and school and most the time I have a project I am working on, beginning or finishing up. I don't have much time between pieces unless I lose feeling in my hand. After 6 or so years working part time at Lightcrafters I have been "unofficially laid" off. I loved my part time artist gig, Kent is a fantastic boss and my co-workers now dear friends. I miss our days together filling orders, telling stories & lots of laughing. I miss my boys at the shop. Sooo for now I do what I do best, hunker down and get to work and do what I can.....paint allot while I have the time. I have caught up with friends, enjoyed the sunshine and mostly enjoyed beautiful sunny weather buzzing around in my VW bug convertable. I dont like cold weather, winter or anything brown. My days are quiet, stress free and very productive. I am working on my Hyde Park Bar and Grill show coming in April while supplying Gallery St Thomas fresh work . I sold 4 originals and one print in January.. the 13th I plan to travel to ST Thomas. I look forward to seeing friends, a few turtles and Magen's Bay.