Wednesday, February 4, 2009

full time painting 2009

With some not so happy beginnings in 2009 ..a real bumpy beginning - I am spending my days painting. I wave my family goodbye-off to work and school and most the time I have a project I am working on, beginning or finishing up. I don't have much time between pieces unless I lose feeling in my hand. After 6 or so years working part time at Lightcrafters I have been "unofficially laid" off. I loved my part time artist gig, Kent is a fantastic boss and my co-workers now dear friends. I miss our days together filling orders, telling stories & lots of laughing. I miss my boys at the shop. Sooo for now I do what I do best, hunker down and get to work and do what I can.....paint allot while I have the time. I have caught up with friends, enjoyed the sunshine and mostly enjoyed beautiful sunny weather buzzing around in my VW bug convertable. I dont like cold weather, winter or anything brown. My days are quiet, stress free and very productive. I am working on my Hyde Park Bar and Grill show coming in April while supplying Gallery St Thomas fresh work . I sold 4 originals and one print in January.. the 13th I plan to travel to ST Thomas. I look forward to seeing friends, a few turtles and Magen's Bay.

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