Monday, January 28, 2013

Lion King Comes to Austin

In October I had a fantastic reception to my show at Hyde Park Bar and Grill in Austin. I sold about 16 pieces during the show and I was more than honored. I had scaled down my shows from 2011 having 12 shows to 2 in 2012. It was all I could do to prepare over 45 pieces for Hyde Park for a one person exhibit ! Early December I hosted again the Annual Holiday Art Show and Gift Sale in my back yard patio. It is really a beautiful set up and about a dozen local artists that are simply amazing.  I felt I had won the jackpot entering into my new job and 2 successful art shows back to back. I was offered to submit a piece or more to display at the Bass Visual Arts Gallery during the musical Lion King ! WoW my all time favorite and soul smiling show of all times. I wanted my piece to be over the top fantastic. I dreamed my piece and move the characters around a bit before I went to the drawing board. My enormous frame I never felt I would fill was wrestled out of the rafters of my studio by pure brute determination. Animal by animal I created "Abundance" 39x29" on board in a hand painted frame.  The very delightful Emily invited me to also bring my 'Lucky Parrot" so one drizzly day I danced into Bass to deliver my inspirations. I really felt proud of this piece. At the same time I encourage talented Edie Kemp to create something of her own since her work is so African inspired and amazing. She created 2  tapestries about 6x3 feet of layers, beading and design that is masterfully mesmerizing. While I am sharing this piece I am dreaming up new pieces for September of this year....until then...enjoy.