Saturday, January 15, 2011 directions ?

I think it is natural that the new year brings new goals, new directions and this is great for artists . The new year brings an inspiration of a new start . I was in 9 art shows last year. That may not be so many for so many professional artists but with a part time job and mother of 2 it was allot and by December I was exhausted. The economy has hit artists square on and most the time the prices of my art are at such a spread I can still sell art. This year I would still like to host a show or 2 and possibly participate in another show.  I also hope to follow up on commissions that have been floating around for years. I started this year with my 3rd version of an Austin cityscape. It is a fun painting to work on and changes every time. This version Downtown III includes the lovely woman that commissioned it and her 2 fabulous poodles. I hope to lock myself up and paint more this year and I look forward to new inspirations this year.