Thursday, November 15, 2012

Annual Holiday Art & Gift Sale
Saturday Dec. 1st 9-5pm
 backyard patio
(Weather permitting)
(Rain out make-up date Dec. 2nd 9-5pm)

Robbin Polter- Folk art, art prints, painted bowls & ornaments
Michelle Carlson-Jammers & lounge pants
Edie Kemp- hand-guided embroidery on multilayered cottons
Ginny Burnett- Knitted unique wearables
Kathy & Emma Genet -Holiday cards & Christmas earrings
Melanie Johnson-unique handcrafted jewelry using semi-precious stones
Chuck & Sarah St Laurent - Lavender warmers, eye pillows & encaustic paintings
Lillian and Georgia Sease- Paper mache creations
Melissa Tothero -Sun silk scarves, Hand dyed with UV protection
2 Chicks with Wicks – Home Fragrances, candles, tarts & linen spritzers
Amigos Club Austin High School - Free Trade Coffee

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Creating Websites

I manage a few websites. For years they were built for me by my husband, friends and web masters. I tried to design them they way I thought they should be built and then would mail photos, mail CD's of photos, word documents and hours of discussions of options and changes I wanted. Well over the years I had lists of domain names, passwords, hosting accounts, credit card charges and expired credit cards, lost websites etc. It was my pain in my ...... Well I decided I wanted to build my own sites my way in my time and make a mess and myself only to blame if they were dreadful ! With the help of webmaster Ziya Neema (artist extroinenair ) and mac iweb expert she helped me create my first few sites. Don't get me wrong it took hours of learning, mistakes, lost files and uploading to the universe and black hole before I felt confident. I love building sites now and my last one was : . My own personal sites I have built are : and Please check them out when you have time !

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Year in Hiatus

This is my year in change. I turned 50 in December and while too tired to celebrate appropriately I made some important decisions regarding 2012. I decided to strategically decide on shows and opportunities offered and so far it has been a carefully thought out space in time. I left Lightcrafters after 8 years. I learned so much and it was a difficult decision to depart working with great friends on cool projects however I really wanted to return to mental health. The universe answered and I am now a case manager with Caritas of Austin. With that said I had so much to learn so my art shows would be carefully chosen and limited with working full time. I am currently in a group show themed "Art in Music" displaying in the spirit of SXSW in town. This painting is " Playing by Ear" inspired by by self taught artist/musician great uncle Van.  Unfortunately i did not have the mojo this year to jump into the first WEST Austin Studio tour but hope to join in next year and show off my home studio. My next showing will be in October at Hyde Park Bar and Grill (Central) so I am painting on the weekends and having a great time painting small intimate pieces in my small indoor studio space. 
Playing By Ear

Monday, January 16, 2012

Art Shows of 2011

Three Art Exhibits wrapped up 2011 including Lightcrafters participation in the Armadillo Bazaar. Donna, Ziya and I participated in the EAST show at Connie Green's Beer Garden located behind Joe's Place at MLK and Chicon. It was a beautiful show over 2 Saturdays. Ziya and I then exhibited at the Hyde Park Bar and Grill (Westgate) during December-the show was beautiful and well displayed. I wrapped up the holidays exhausted with my Annual Holiday Art Show and Gift Sale for 2 days only with over 15 artists  on my backyard patio. It was a great run and promised myself never to schedule that kind of work during the holidays again ! 
I also turned 50 this December and made a 360 degree change to return to Mental Health and left my 8 years of Lightcrafters in Austin to work for Caritas of Austin. This was a big change and a perfect match for my interest in mental health. I will participate in only 2 shows this year including my own show in Oct 2012 at Hyde Park Bar and Grill Central. This is a nice goal 10 months out to paint around 30 pieces. Gonna be a great year !