Monday, December 28, 2009

Ready for a Show !

This has been a full and exciting year full of art opportunities. Changes in the economy has let to changes in the art community, galleries and the market . Artists like myself have long conversations about pricing, opportunities and still we all agree to continue to paint paint and paint some more ! Having my very talented friend Ziya move to Austin is fantastic for so many reasons ! We both love to paint, love to show and plan future shows ! We are taking a deep breath and ready to jump into our paints !

Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Holiday Art & Gift Sale next week

2009 Annual Holiday Art Show & Gift Sale
4401 Sinclair Ave. Austin 78756
(Inside house or back patio depending on Austin weather )
Fri. Dec. 11th 1-7pm & Sat. Dec. 12th 10am-4pm

Participating Artists:

Bill Bowers “Evil Genius Organics”
Previously known as Lather Monkey Soap works
Eileen Dolan Guatemalan key chains, stocking stuffers and more ……
Edie Kemp modern mola accessories, pillows & large scale vintage jewelry
Ziya Neema Afro-Caribbean inspired originals & prints, mobiles
Robbin Robertson Polter originals, prints, folk art & ornaments
Beth Watson silver jewelry & yummy casseroles “To go” by
“Our Lady of the Lunch” (great for the holidays)
Donna Weaver artwork, glass, ornaments & dog biscuit treats &
Ginny Burnett – fabulous knitted goodie
Roweena Guinnessey –knitted purses out of recycled materiels and chair massages

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12x12 show this Saturday Dec. 5th !

MARANDA PLEASANT GALLERY: 12X12 HOLIDAY ART BOX SHOW Pick up your 12x12x2 panel to create your contribution to this posh and popular show, which features more than 450 pieces of original artwork for $100 each. See website for details. Deadline: Dec. 3. Exhibition: Sat., Dec. 5, 6-10pm. 2235 E. Sixth, 713/

This is a fantastic show for collectors to buy art for 100$ a panal regardless of the artist ! This is also a great way to meet artists. Doors open at 6pm and people are given red dots to buy art and check out with your 12x12 under your arm !

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Next show 12x12 show Dec 5th

Ziya and I were guests of Connie Green at her H25 "Happening location 25" for the EAST tour this year. The East tour used to be a weekend and now lasts for 9 days-a bit of a marathon for most artists. We set up for 2 evenings only in Connie and Joe's backyard beer garden lit by the moon tower and it was beautiful. Thank you to all our friends and family that came out to help set up and support us ! Our next show we have signed up for is :

>MARANDA PLEASANT GALLERY: 12X12 HOLIDAY ART BOX SHOW Pick up your 12x12x2 panel to create your contribution to this posh and popular show, which features more than 450 pieces of original artwork for $100 each. See website for details. Deadline: Dec. 3. Exhibition: Sat., Dec. 5, 6-10pm. 2235 E. Sixth, 713/

This is a fantastic show for collectors to buy art for 100$ a panal regardless of the artist ! This is also a great way to meet artists. Doors open at 6pm and people are given red dots to buy art and check out with your 12x12 under your arm !

Ziya, Connie, Donna and I are all jumping in with other 700 artists and it should be a blast. We are also revving up for our Dec. 11th holiday show at my house . This is allot of creative activity to close out 2009. I am ready for this year to come to a quiet close !

Saturday, November 14, 2009

EAST East Austin Studio Tour for the next 9 days

Connie Green has invited Ziya Neema and I to be her guest at her "Happening" during the East Austin Studio Tour this weekend and next. We will set up our canopy in front of their Joe's Food Restaurant location and pull folks off of MLK into the artworld and into Connie's space inside. Joe will do the cooking ! This will be Ziya's first taste of the art scene in Austin and lots of fun. Things are hoping at Lightcrafters and the Armadillo is 4 weeks out. Enough Blogging for now-gotta go pack art work !

Saturday, October 24, 2009

El Sol Studios Closing Their Doors

I am sad to say that El Sol Studios is closing their doors. Which in my world means my next 2 art shows have been cancelled ! Total bummer . In the big picture it is not a big deal, not earth shattering and I look forward to new doors to open.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Virgin de Guadalupe

I am currently working on a December show of our Lady of the Guadalupe: This will be a group show and I am asked to provide 2-3 pieces. The definition for those who are not clear of the definition of the Virgin is from the Wikapedia :

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Spanish: Nuestra SeƱora de Guadalupe) is a celebrated 16th-century icon of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. The image, also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe (Spanish: Virgen de Guadalupe) represents a famous Marian apparition. According to the traditional account, the image appeared miraculously on the front of a simple peasant's cloak. The image still exists; it is on display in the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City. It is perhaps Mexico's most popular religious and cultural image, and the focus of an extensive pilgrimage. The feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe is December 12. She is said to have appeared to Saint Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac near Mexico City between December 9 and December 12, 1531.

I am been fascinated by the Virgin since reading a book while living in Florence Italy. I don't remember much about it other than it was called "Cult of the Virgin Mary". The idea behind it was why is Jesus worhiped when he came from Mary ? Why not worship the tree kind of idea. Since then I have read as much as possible about the dark Virgin. This is a very important project to work on and the Virgin has come to me so many times in my dreams. I have painted her often on the back of an Elephant, the back of a dove of peace and this painting is " She Is Watching Over Us" as our guardian.. My next piece she will BE the rose and her face as the center. These paintings will be displayed at El Sol Studios Art Gallery in San Antonio first Friday in December...known as the "Artwalk" of San Antonio.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dia De Los Muertos

The Texas heat has given us a break and we are now seeing temperatures in the 80's thank goodness ! What that translates in my world is that I have the energy and inclination to return to my outdoor studio and begin painting again ! I have just finished 2 Dia de Los Muertos pieces for a group show in San Antonio at El Sol Studios in November. I will begin a mermaid today on a cabinet door almost 4 ft tall and a bit over a foot wide. The narrow board will make for a challenging pallet. I am soooooo happy to be painting again -I have really missed it. My next show in December will be the Virgin of the Guadalupe and she has already come to me finished so i will begin work on her soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back to Painting ! Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today it has rained all day ! The temperature has dropped over 20 degrees and all the stars must have aligned for me to get back to painting ! I have missed it terribly and nothing makes me happier than have an entire day to devote to moving colorful acrylics around to create a piece. Never have I stopped for so long unless I was busy giving birth or recovering from giving birth ! I also indulged myself in an hour massage given to me for my birthday (9 months ago ! ) and I cannot believe how much better I feel today, my energy and basic movement across the room. Wow. I abuse myself daily by my work and new mantra should be paint, exercise and work smarter !

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moving Energy

I think allot of artists are aware when energy moves around. I think artists are very sensitive to all forces of this both negative and postitive. The last few months it was purposeful on my part to move it around. Even if by choice energy is moved it still takes a bit of time to "settle comfortably" . Although not all movement is originated from a postitive force intentions to continue can be postitive...the hope and belief that change is good ...shake things up, move them around..shuffle . The last few months have been all about this shuffle in my world. My art world and the friends within it and it is all good. The universe seems to jump on the back of my bike and help me peddle to help me keep up with myself ! I am always hopeful, positive and I think this time of shuffling is coming softly to a smooth pause. It feels like it is time to pull my paints out and start new originals. I am ready and I appreciate always the support I recieve from friends, family and the Universe peddling on the back of my life's bike.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I have always been fortunate to be inspired easily to paint, make something or sit down and work on an art project. This summer has proven different. I am not sure if it is the heat of Texas summers , basic loss of motivation, change in gallery representation or a combination of those and more ? I really love to have a project going all the time,,,start to finish time doesn't matter but I don't have allot of 1/2 finished projects laying around. I have some exciting plans in the future-enough that would get me going normally but I just am not there yet....maybe tomorrow ??????

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cuban Art comes to Austin

My great friend and talented artist Luis Abreux escaped Cuba years ago. His mother still lives on the beautiful island and just returned this year for the first time with his exquisite girlfriend Julie. It was a powerful trip in many ways but he also connected with artists friends he knew. He offered to take some of their work back to Austin for a show of their work. He assured them it was not a gallery show but displayed beautifully in his studio and East Austin back yard setting. He had ice cold water & beer flowing and a cool band totally appropriate for this venue. He also had roosters sealing the deal next door ! I arrived his studio and immediately was drawn to a wooden block print . I am thrilled to add it to my collection and more than happy to support a fellow artist. His friends would be soooo happy to see the efforts Luis put into this show and the display was more heartfelt with his enthusiasm in the showing of his friends from home. How cool for all of us.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Change is in the air !

Since my return from the islands a few shifts . I have decided is is time to leave Gallery St Thomas after many happy years there. I have been so fortunate to have such fantastic memories from my years there.The Gallery was created by my Texas ATM roommate and best friend Claire Ochoa. Over the years it grew into a beautiful main street Gallery in the heart of St Thomas. My first show was a collaboration with another Texas ATM roommate and talented artist Donna Weaver and cousin artist Andrea Marr . We coordinated images with the Nature Conservancy. We painted over 30 pieces, stayed in St Johns' Cinnamon Bay and had an incredible time ! My next show was also at Bela Blue restaurant Oct. 2 years ago with Cuban artist Luis Abreux. It also was an incredible and affirming experience. I have made great friendships thru the gallery, thru Claire (previous owner and my college roommate and dearest friend) has been a nice journey and it is time ! Stay tuned for future plans of exhibitions and representation.

Family Visit to the Islands

This month my family visited St Thomas, St John and also Tortola in the BVI. We were invited to come to St John Carnival and share a booth with my talented artist friend Ziya Neema. We had a fabulous time and it was fun and lots of work ! We were there for the 4th of July ...allot of fun seeing the locals come out and really enjoy their island. The last day in the US Virgin Islands we had a lovely boat trip to Jost and around the islands to relax. We then visited Tortola, Anegada and the waters of the BVI. It was fabulous....we stayed in Apple Bay in a beautiful winter cottage. It was a wonderful trip and my family had a fabulous time.....thank you to all our generous hosts !

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shows up, receptions fun and whats next ?

Last week I had an opening at Hyde Park Bar & Grill and Amplify Credit Union . Both were lovely, different work all together but  it was very fun to see the work up and on display. I am very forturnate to have such loyal and supportive friends and family come to cheer me on. I have met new collectors, new supporters and really appreciate the great feedback. I don't get the opportunity to answer questions about my work so that is new to me & fun to think about. My dear friend Payson drove in from Dallas and he always encourages me and it made me question this morning my next " art plan". I will be working next week back at Lighcrafters-thank goodness we are busy again and on a memory book for my sons 6th grade graduation class. These are my immediate priorities . Terry Powell and i will be working on some 3-D folk art pieces when he returns from his show and that will be allot of fun.  I am a bit exhausted to say the least but will look forward making some new goals soon.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I have 2 art openings this week. This might be a first for me. Tonight I will be at Hyde Park Bar and Grill -their Central location at 430pm-630pm. It is fun to have a show in Austin. This is a first too I guess. I have had shows in Dallas, several in the Carribean, San Antonio and I have work collected all over the world but having a show in my town is cool. It is muggy and stormy here. My birds are very loud this morning and I can hear the babies screaming for food. The storms make the energy wacky and a bit edgy. I am working on art all day to stay focused...its very exciting. My second art opening will be Friday with artist Terry Powell at Amplify Credit Union . Hope to see lots of friends and celebrate color ! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Peaceful Spring Art Days

Tomorrow is "Art Day". A term I think Artist Connie Green and I came up with that explains it all. What it does'nt explain is that it is peaceful. quiet. supportive, fun. better than a 3 day weekend, better than therapy and nurturing to our souls. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by artists that are funny , non competitive and amazingly talented. I hung both shows this week so the pressure is off somewhat. The first show hung was at Hyde Park Bar and Grill Central location on Duval in Austin. This is "30 New Works" and I am so happy to be there. The opening reception is next Monday April 27th from 430pm-630pm. The 2nd show is at Amplify Credit Union one block north of the Braker/ Burnet Rd. intersection. This is with Terry Powell-folk artist fantasitco ! Anyway I am off at work now-a bit on the slower side but I am enjoying my time at home..with my birds, my plants and quiet days and catching up with friends. Seems like I have a bit more left to be a mother in the afternoon and evenings. Anyway the patio is ready for Art Day and boy I am too !

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two Art Shows Hang Next Week & Pricing

I have 2 art shows that will be hung next week. Sunday I will hang 29-30 new works at the Hyde Park Bar and Grill -Central Location on Duval in Austin. I have wanted to show here for a very long time. Owned by dear friends Erika and Bick Brown it is our favorite restaurant in town. always fantastic food and service ..and did i say fun ? Anyway Anne Ducote organizes and curates all the Hyde Park shows and does a fantastic job. Anne is a fabulous artist in her own right. This show will be up for 2 months (down mid June) . My second show will be with fellow fabulous folk artist Terry Powell. He is such a fun artist and happy spirit I am thrilled to be on the same postcard invitation ! This show will be at the Amplify Credit Union on Burnet Rd. and Braker Lane in Austin This show will be up for 3 months. I will be showing 9 of the Rare Austin Magazine original paintings plus several of my metal pieces. This is curated by Diane Graden. I am working now on pricing my pieces for the show. I have always tried to keep my prices reasonable and not escalate too quickly in my art career. I have been selling in galleries since 1985-after graduation from ATM and my beginning introduction to retail with "RED GALLERY" in Dallas, Texas. 24 years of selling in galleries in Dallas, Austin, Virgin Islands, shows, adding collecotrs and new commisions etc . With this economy i have read dozens of articles and blogs regarding pricing in down economies. This is a hot topic between artists and lost of opinions fly. I hope to always be fair however art supplies, websites, printing and shipping etc. have not been reduced so I will carefully and respectivly have available the range of prices to sell at my shows. I will continue to paint and be happy about being an artist.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

South American Inspiration

My husband knew I had always wanted to go to the peruvian site Macchu Picchu. One of those top 10 in my "bucket list" before I go the big guatemalan market in the sky ! He gave this give to me for my birthday in December so our family went over Spring Break. I spent months prior to departure skimming the Lonely Planet guide (love them) and sites of blogs and the trip advisor. We knew we wanted to hike the Inca Trail and used the professionally run Peru Planet travel group to organize this trek. We used Cusco has our home base and made day trips to the Sacred Valley, Ollantambo, Moray, Pisaq, and then off to the Inca Trail. What a beautiful and challenging hike from KM 104. We had a lovely guide Marco Antonio-very knowlegable about the trail. the history and site of Macchu Picchu. After 7 or so ours of hiking we came to the Sun Gate arriving at the site straight up 5pm-closing time-so the site was soft with pink light, empty and simply magical. the Peruvian ancestors surely return to dance at the site at this time and applaud when they have this site back to themselves. Down below the mountain rages the Urabamba River . the site is enormous and more than I could ever imagined in its magesty. Being an artist I imagine the colors that could have been used but the stone work itself is amazing it is complexity. The trail is limited to 500 eager enthusiasts a day-a goverment implemented program and a great idea. the site is not limited in visitors and we were there at the end of the rainy season-i can only imagine how many tourists are visiting in high season. Regardless of visitors -I easily imagined the place alone and while it was lived in by the Peruvian royalties , the farmers and staff that was neccesary to keep this city going. We returned to Cusco a day to recuperate. The following morning we left by a fabulous bus ride to Puno for our departure town of Lake Titikaka. I had read about this lake and was really eager to visit it myself. Our first stop was the Uros Indians Floating Islands built on reeds from the lake. The indians make everything from these reeds, their homes, artwork and boats. We were greeting by one of the many islands by the happy friendly indians eager to share an hour of their lives with us. Yes we are tourists and sometimes I am happy to give in to it ! They sang a song for us and we sang "Happy Birthday" to them-lead by David-my husband ! they also gave us a display of how their islands were built 3 Meters deep on reeds...adding more fresh reeds as they rot from below. the look out towers were awesome too---looking over the other islands-some in the shape of fish or flamingos ! We road in their reed boat across the lake and i was taken by the people . I imagined them to be small, tiny indians, they were not. They were like fudge colored, bold and beautiful. Brightly colored 6 or more layered wool skirts, round as they were tall and thick hands and feet.. Wow they were incredibly beautiful . The men wore white shirts and pants and hats that looked like they were knitted for infants-nevertheless they were a beautiful match to their women. Some houses had solar panels..very cool. The next vist was to the island was Taquile. A 2 hour boating trip .. We hiked up this island -much larger island and had a great show , dances,songs and weaving displays here. We had lunch overlooking this splendid and enormous lake seeing Bolivia across the lake. We hiked down over the island and back down 500 steps to our boat to return to Puno. Inspiration came from this country not in pieces but as a whole. The people are friendly beautiful and I felt appreciated as a guest to share their country for a short week. I bought 2 pieces of beautiful artwork ....what an incredible trip. I am so lucky.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Art Movement

Today was exciting for me...I sold AxBw t-shirts this morning and switched gears a bit into my own art world. I love selling my art in the Carribean. The ocean is my home where I am happiest however I have never lived by an ocean...I have sold my work there for over 7 years or so.. details like that I dont keep track. Anyway I have wanted for some time now to have local representation in Austin to sell my work. It is difficult from an artists stand point to find a gallery appropriate for your style of work. Artists must be original enough not to compete with the other artists already represented. I like a high level of standard in presentation, high level of workmanship and professional staff ! not alot to ask ! hahahahah. Anyway I went to a gallery this year with my friend Luis where he is represented and met a lovely owner of a beautiful gallery on Congress Ave. one block from the Capitol. I new this was the one I felt would be a great match if they would agree to carry my work. i kept waiting to contact the owner when my life slowed down but it never did. I realized putting all my eggs in one galleries basket is not fair to me or any gallery. I had an appointment today and the owner was lovely and gracious to take 12 of my Sunset Station musician paintings for the SxSW event next week. She also liked my 3-D piece "Morning Bath" -2 birds in a bird bath. I think this happy work suits their envirionment and current economy...happy work in tense times ! Anyway the gallery is Authenticity on Congress is I hope to have more work in there by April . Anyway i am so lucky I am to be an artist .

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arts By Brykerwood AxBW March 12th 6-8pm

Arts By Bryker woods is Bryker Woods Elementary School version of SxSW but better ! Visual Arts from every child are displayed throughout the school. These pieces are made in art class taught by the incredible Sue Flores. She is a gift for any child and the word sings her support , creativity and love for art and children. Students apply to perform and directed by Melody Long. 5 stages are set up complete with risers, drapes, twinkly lights, microphones, amplifier and jell lights that focus on the children their to perform. This is not a talent show but any child grades K-6th are free to perform. This ranges from card tricks, the jokes or amazing performances with every instrument imagined. A poetry workshop is offered and a poetry slam is also performed in a quiet intimate setting safe for budding speakers. The children are given name tags carefully designed by Edie Kemp strung on wild Mardis Gras beads.Students put these on are prouder than a gold medal finalist ! This year a technology stage is opened up with Dee Susong and our technology expert Melissa Tothero. All the kids can participate in this also. The cafeteria is decorated and the 6th grade cooks and serves dinner to over 400 hungry performers and their families. An invitation is designed by Marisol Valdez and mailed out to all families. This is a school affair and magical in every way. We print t-shirts..with the AxBW logo designed from the very beginning Betsy Woldman. This has help brand the event and such a fun way to express this night. This event was the brain child of Melody, Sue and I after years of working on Reflections -a PTA program ...nice but a bit limited. Melody wanted to rid of the talent show so not children were excluded. This has been a fantastic run for me and I have really enjoyed the "Organized Chaos" of the night and to see a child proudly walk off stage or point out their artwork to their parents. is all worth it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March movements

I am sure if you ask anyone 2009 has been stranger than most. Odd experiences, odd "Edgy-ness" in the air..
Strange enough my artwork has been the easiest and most consistent part of my world. I am always grateful to this gift -that I can pick up paints, brushes and a blank board to add color, life and happiness in hours. Even with a rough beginning of this year I have been very prolific in my paintings. I wanted Gallery St Thomas to have new work on I worked my tail off to deliver 2 large boxes of paintings and prints to them in February. I also have been working on months to prepare for my 2nd Hyde Park Bar and Grill show (on Duval in Central Austin). This is one person show so I will need around 30 pieces for this show. The next opportunity to show is with "Frames of Reference" owner Diane Graden. She curates a show at the beautifully naturally lit AMPLIFY credit union on Braker and Burnet Rd. This will be the 3rd exhibit at AMPLIFY and I am fortunate to show with fellow folk artist Terry Powell. Terry is a fabulous artist and fantastic guy-always eager to support other artists and a true child at heart. Soooo I must continue to paint paint paint and keep my work as unique to my style with quality high enough to hang next to my artist friends. My Hyde Park show will hang April 19th for 6 weeks while the AMPLIFY exhibit will go up April 20th hang for 3 months. I will send out notices soon of both shows. I will meet with a local gallery here this week for local representation. My work in the Caribbean has been a success however not all work I create is appropriate for the islands. Cross your figures !
I saw "Anything Goes" at McCallum High School today. i was there to support the Tothero women..all 3 are amazing ladies. The play was fantastic, funny, entertaining and I am always whisked away in a wave of talented performers. Bravo Sierra and Lauren.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Visit to the Islands

My daughter Mariel and I just returned from the US Virgin Islands. My dear friend Claire created Gallery St Thomas and has passed the creative wand and gallery ownership to owner/artist Ruth Prager. This was a business trip and I needed to check in with the beautiful main street gallery, visit with Ruth, deliver 2 large boxes of new artwork and then enjoy the islands. We visited many of Claire's fabulous friends and family while staying at her family's home overlooking Magens Bay. Listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world -it is truelly an inspiring and healing place. The colors change from sunrise, mid day, noonish to the warm afternoon sun and into the evening with surrounding mountains lite up by twinkly lights and the sounds of the birds and soft sounds of neighbors. It was only 4 or so days of paradise but we felt instantly at home and relaxed...the entire time missing our friend Claire. We assured all who asked how she was that she was happy in Richmond and missing her friends and family in the islands. Claire's family owns the Crystal Shoppes on island-3 stores total now and dear friends own 3 Carribean Surf stores..these are generous families always participating in the community and great stores to support in this tough economy. We have felt blessed being included into their lives and always welcomed in Claire's absence. I am at home closest to the ocean and while the snorkeling was not fantastic this trip the trips there are always an inspiration and surface into my art on the return. My very taented friend Ziya Neema has a show at Gallery St Thomas this Friday-this work inspired by her trip to Cambodia and Vietnam and I wish her much success. I look forward to returning to the Islands turquoise waters, white sands, turtles and island friends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

full time painting 2009

With some not so happy beginnings in 2009 ..a real bumpy beginning - I am spending my days painting. I wave my family goodbye-off to work and school and most the time I have a project I am working on, beginning or finishing up. I don't have much time between pieces unless I lose feeling in my hand. After 6 or so years working part time at Lightcrafters I have been "unofficially laid" off. I loved my part time artist gig, Kent is a fantastic boss and my co-workers now dear friends. I miss our days together filling orders, telling stories & lots of laughing. I miss my boys at the shop. Sooo for now I do what I do best, hunker down and get to work and do what I can.....paint allot while I have the time. I have caught up with friends, enjoyed the sunshine and mostly enjoyed beautiful sunny weather buzzing around in my VW bug convertable. I dont like cold weather, winter or anything brown. My days are quiet, stress free and very productive. I am working on my Hyde Park Bar and Grill show coming in April while supplying Gallery St Thomas fresh work . I sold 4 originals and one print in January.. the 13th I plan to travel to ST Thomas. I look forward to seeing friends, a few turtles and Magen's Bay.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Art Day

This week I hosted the first "Art Day" of 2009. "Art Day " is normally a week day set aside for artist friends to rendezvous at one of our houses and create all kinds of cool art for the day. This is outside so the weather is watched closely and we all really love these days when it happens. Sometimes it is a few of us and up to 6 or so...we share ideas, thoughts, supplies, lots of laughs and mutual support. It is always different what we are working on, all mediums, all styles and most importantly always supportive. This week is it at my house, on my studio patio and I set up long tables, chairs sometimes some nice music or at times we just enjoy my birds talking, my pond and quiet. I am not sure how many years we have been having Art Days but at has been over 6-7 i think. I really recomend it to any artist-even if you enjoy working alone. the time with other artists is really fun and the creative energy is contagious. The days of laughter, encouragement and conversations that tangent throughout the day linger. I am currently working on my show at Hyde Park Bar & Grill on Duval St. Austin in April. I need about 30 pieces to display so i am busily using every free moment to paint. Even with the nervous economy I must have faith people still want art to feel good..It makes me happy ! Till next art day !