Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arts By Brykerwood AxBW March 12th 6-8pm

Arts By Bryker woods is Bryker Woods Elementary School version of SxSW but better ! Visual Arts from every child are displayed throughout the school. These pieces are made in art class taught by the incredible Sue Flores. She is a gift for any child and the word sings her support , creativity and love for art and children. Students apply to perform and directed by Melody Long. 5 stages are set up complete with risers, drapes, twinkly lights, microphones, amplifier and jell lights that focus on the children their to perform. This is not a talent show but any child grades K-6th are free to perform. This ranges from card tricks, the jokes or amazing performances with every instrument imagined. A poetry workshop is offered and a poetry slam is also performed in a quiet intimate setting safe for budding speakers. The children are given name tags carefully designed by Edie Kemp strung on wild Mardis Gras beads.Students put these on are prouder than a gold medal finalist ! This year a technology stage is opened up with Dee Susong and our technology expert Melissa Tothero. All the kids can participate in this also. The cafeteria is decorated and the 6th grade cooks and serves dinner to over 400 hungry performers and their families. An invitation is designed by Marisol Valdez and mailed out to all families. This is a school affair and magical in every way. We print t-shirts..with the AxBW logo designed from the very beginning Betsy Woldman. This has help brand the event and such a fun way to express this night. This event was the brain child of Melody, Sue and I after years of working on Reflections -a PTA program ...nice but a bit limited. Melody wanted to rid of the talent show so not children were excluded. This has been a fantastic run for me and I have really enjoyed the "Organized Chaos" of the night and to see a child proudly walk off stage or point out their artwork to their parents. wow..it is all worth it.

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