Sunday, March 1, 2009

March movements

I am sure if you ask anyone 2009 has been stranger than most. Odd experiences, odd "Edgy-ness" in the air..
Strange enough my artwork has been the easiest and most consistent part of my world. I am always grateful to this gift -that I can pick up paints, brushes and a blank board to add color, life and happiness in hours. Even with a rough beginning of this year I have been very prolific in my paintings. I wanted Gallery St Thomas to have new work on I worked my tail off to deliver 2 large boxes of paintings and prints to them in February. I also have been working on months to prepare for my 2nd Hyde Park Bar and Grill show (on Duval in Central Austin). This is one person show so I will need around 30 pieces for this show. The next opportunity to show is with "Frames of Reference" owner Diane Graden. She curates a show at the beautifully naturally lit AMPLIFY credit union on Braker and Burnet Rd. This will be the 3rd exhibit at AMPLIFY and I am fortunate to show with fellow folk artist Terry Powell. Terry is a fabulous artist and fantastic guy-always eager to support other artists and a true child at heart. Soooo I must continue to paint paint paint and keep my work as unique to my style with quality high enough to hang next to my artist friends. My Hyde Park show will hang April 19th for 6 weeks while the AMPLIFY exhibit will go up April 20th hang for 3 months. I will send out notices soon of both shows. I will meet with a local gallery here this week for local representation. My work in the Caribbean has been a success however not all work I create is appropriate for the islands. Cross your figures !
I saw "Anything Goes" at McCallum High School today. i was there to support the Tothero women..all 3 are amazing ladies. The play was fantastic, funny, entertaining and I am always whisked away in a wave of talented performers. Bravo Sierra and Lauren.

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