Thursday, March 5, 2009

Art Movement

Today was exciting for me...I sold AxBw t-shirts this morning and switched gears a bit into my own art world. I love selling my art in the Carribean. The ocean is my home where I am happiest however I have never lived by an ocean...I have sold my work there for over 7 years or so.. details like that I dont keep track. Anyway I have wanted for some time now to have local representation in Austin to sell my work. It is difficult from an artists stand point to find a gallery appropriate for your style of work. Artists must be original enough not to compete with the other artists already represented. I like a high level of standard in presentation, high level of workmanship and professional staff ! not alot to ask ! hahahahah. Anyway I went to a gallery this year with my friend Luis where he is represented and met a lovely owner of a beautiful gallery on Congress Ave. one block from the Capitol. I new this was the one I felt would be a great match if they would agree to carry my work. i kept waiting to contact the owner when my life slowed down but it never did. I realized putting all my eggs in one galleries basket is not fair to me or any gallery. I had an appointment today and the owner was lovely and gracious to take 12 of my Sunset Station musician paintings for the SxSW event next week. She also liked my 3-D piece "Morning Bath" -2 birds in a bird bath. I think this happy work suits their envirionment and current economy...happy work in tense times ! Anyway the gallery is Authenticity on Congress is I hope to have more work in there by April . Anyway i am so lucky I am to be an artist .

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