Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Year in Hiatus

This is my year in change. I turned 50 in December and while too tired to celebrate appropriately I made some important decisions regarding 2012. I decided to strategically decide on shows and opportunities offered and so far it has been a carefully thought out space in time. I left Lightcrafters after 8 years. I learned so much and it was a difficult decision to depart working with great friends on cool projects however I really wanted to return to mental health. The universe answered and I am now a case manager with Caritas of Austin. With that said I had so much to learn so my art shows would be carefully chosen and limited with working full time. I am currently in a group show themed "Art in Music" displaying in the spirit of SXSW in town. This painting is " Playing by Ear" inspired by by self taught artist/musician great uncle Van.  Unfortunately i did not have the mojo this year to jump into the first WEST Austin Studio tour but hope to join in next year and show off my home studio. My next showing will be in October at Hyde Park Bar and Grill (Central) so I am painting on the weekends and having a great time painting small intimate pieces in my small indoor studio space. 
Playing By Ear