Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Downtown scenes keep coming

This is my 5th or 6th time to paint downtown Austin. I grew up in Dallas and downtown was not particularly a friendly place to go and I ran the streets of Dallas high and low with no hesitation....I love downtown Austin and people love using Town Lake or now called "Lady Bird" lake ! The buildings are fun, the capital we watched give a facelift too. In this version of "Springtime in Austin" I included my 78 Chevy pick up pulling our boat, "Leslie" in his thong, vespas, Emergency helicopters, Cars to Go, moms pulling kids in those space ship pods, VW , unicycles, Seg Ways, fisherman, both my dogs, David cycling, Ezra running, Delta (used to work for and still in my gypsy blood), Moon Towers and the bats, hot air balloons, skate boarders, cyclists, folks and their dogs and me painting the painting ! My next piece will be of the lake and I will include my daughter working her magic ! Very fun to live in this town and enjoy all it has to offer !