Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Art Show show

I have the say this was my favorite Holiday Art Show so far,,,after over 10 years of hosting the show I learn every year a bit more. I was cursing the show 2 days before because I am slammed with yard work to prepare my yard for the influx of artists, electrical needs and clearing out furniture and plants. The weather was beautiful both days. Friday was slow and Saturday rocking and rolling. We had several new artists : Kelley Hill and Gery Henderson-both amazing pottery artists, Melanie Johnston-fine jeweler, Emma Genet applying Henna tattoos and festive earrings , Jim Robinson and Katherine Klise Johnston! Edie Kemp was able to make the show after all and her beautiful mola pieces, Ginny Burnett and her gorgeous knitted creations, Ziya Neema and her Afro Caribbean pieces hanging from the trees , Katherine Klise's beautifully pregnant and lovely paintings and tiny intricate snowmen , Donna Weaver and her religious inspired mosaics, Jim Robinson and his Austin digitally enhanced photographs and Rowena and her massage table set up inside. Anyway I had so much fun and I think the artists did too !

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holiday Art Show & Gift Sale !

2010  Annual Holiday Art Show & Gift Sale 
 Friday Dec. 3rd & Saturday Dec.4th     11am-7pm 
 Participating Artists 
  • Robbin Polter  Folk art inspired originals & prints 
  • Ginny Burnet  Luxury yarn hand knit scarves, shawls, lace, hats & other natural fiber creations (Fri. only)
  • Emma Genet  Henna tattoos  (Sat. only)
  • Gery Henderson  Pottery inspired by Mexican folk art 
  • Kelley Hill  Wheel thrown and handbuilt pottery  (Sat. only)
  • Melanie Johnston  Original hand-wrapped jewelry with semi-precious stones
  • Edie Kemp  "modern mola" accessories & vintage jewelry
  • Ziya Neema  Afro-caribbean originals & prints
  • Jim Robinson  Austin : Digitally enhanced images of the Avenue 
  • Donna Weaver  Religious folk art,ornaments,originals & prints
  • Rowena Valentine  Massage = the perfect holiday gift  ! Chair massage $1 per minute or schedule a  full massage 30 minute /$45 or 1 hour /$75 by appointment  Friday or Saturday : Please contact Rowena directly to schedule : 

4401 Sinclair Ave. Austin , Tx 78756  (backyard patio)

    We hope you can stop by with your Christmas list and bring a friend or 10 ! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Commission "Barb's World

"Barb's world" is a 3D   3 panels 2x3' acrylic on board all symbolic of her family. Each family member is symbolized by an animal and those are represented on the panels. The first was an "Otter" and "Sea Anenome"on the tropical panel, a Panther and Monkey on the "Jungle Panel" and an Ox and Lakehouse on the Guadalupe River  on the 3rd panel. I moved this project in my head for a month before beginning because there was so much to include. The 3D aspect is pieces I cut out of MDF and then raise it from the board. The 3D pieces are twice the work as a painting but I love the results. Commissions are a leap of faith hoping your customers appreciate and love the final product !

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Process of Painting according to me !

I am often asked how I come up with ideas, how I paint, do I draw paintings out? I suppose many of my paintings seem random in theme , a bit crazy and they are. I like what seems to be a traditional theme to have unique twists, a surprise , an imbalance really. I have ideas and think about them for quite some time. If play with colors in my head and if I have difficulty moving colors I swim and they all fall in place effortlessly. I don't sketch, I hate sketching and did not learn to really draw until after college. I don't like pencils, pastels, chalk . clay or anything that makes my hands feel dirty ! All artists are different, I embrace those differences and I am happy to admit it is odd. I am certain if I liked to draw my art would look different, and I am satisfied that they are not sophisticated but raw & always fun. I find the frame I want first, cut my board to fit. Next a basic sketch and get to work. I love painting outside unless it is Summer in Texas and 104F. I move into my dining room and take over. My family is at times patience of the art supplies taking over our house . I love the last layers of paintings. layers and layers and then I add one more than I should . I used to believe in the less is better but since I turned 40 another 5 layers are better. I varnish my pieces. the colors pop, put the back on and begin day dreaming about the next piece !

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hyde Park Bar & Grill Central on Duval ART SHOW !

This is our postcard for our show ! &

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art Show Sept 3rd Hyde Park Bar & Grill Central on Duval Austin ,Texas

Last week Terrell Powell & I had our closing reception for " Wit & Whimsy in Contemporary Art" at the JCC Austin. It was a quiet evening but really nice discussions with new guests, family & friends. The show comes down 8/17 & I am quickly switching creative gears for my show with Ziya Neema hanging 9/3. This exhibit will be hosted by Hyde Park Bar & Grill Central on Duval in Austin. My favorite restaurant in town and a beautiful backdrop for artwork. Ziya has completed many show stopping pieces for the show and I am working like Van Gogh on caffeine to catch up to her ! The reception will be 9/8 430pm-630pm, free & open to the public. It is a great excuse to stay for dinner ! Both Ziya & I have around 20 pieces each so it will be a colorful & exciting show !

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sneak Peek and 2 shows on the horizon !

I am stretching time this summer preparing for 2 shows on the horizon. My show at the Jewish Community Center in Austin hanging July 6th and Hyde Park Bar and Grill in September. My family is mostly patient with my art spreading out over our dining table, paints, shop lights, work towels, extra frames and tubs of paint within my reach. I like painting in the middle of the action since I am interrupted dozens of times for misc. reasons. I won't post all the pieces but a few to get the feel of the show !

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Next Art Show is "Wit and Whimsy of Contemporary Art"

My next project I am currently working on is an art Show at the JCC in Austin Texas July 6-August 17th. This is the Jewish Community Center on Hart Lane off of Far West. I will be showing in their gallery with the fabulous folk artist Terrell Powell. We each will get to display 20 or so pieces. I feel honored to be in Terry's company and look forward to the opportunity. I will add photos of pieces soon for a sneak preview of that show. Once hanging I will begin work on my show with Ziya Neema at Hyde Park Bar and Grill on Duval St. Austin Texas. This show will hang Sept Labor Day weekend for 5 weeks. Why am a blogging when I should be painting ?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring Show was Amazing !

Last weekend I hosted a Spring Art Show & Gift Sale on my backyard patio, deck and courtyard. 6 very talented artists packed with colorful works and beautifully displayed all day. It was a busy stroll of friends, family, neighbors and collectors stopping by to pay homage to their favorite artists. My family works for weeks to get our yard ready for the event and I could not do it without their efforts and patience. Ziya's enormous hand painted sails hung from the trees, the deck and brought the event to a higher level of glory. It was fun showing with her after all these years of having our work hang together in the Caribbean galleries. Donna brought her beautiful Saints, Virgins, retablos, mosaic crosses and Dallas doggie treats to sell. Rowena brought her hand knitted recycled purses and her chair massage for our weary guests. Ginny Burnett knitted lightly weighted shawls and scarves. Beth "Our Lady of the Lunch" also brought her casseroles to tasted and sell, her silver jewelry and folk art from Mexico. Luis Abreux & Cuban Dog Studio was set up on our deck with his lovely girlfriend Julie and Cuban mama ! Thank you to all our friends that stopped by we had a great Spring Day under Ziya's sails !

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Show May 1st 11am-7pm mi casa !

May 1st will be my first Spring Show at my house. Artists attending : Myself, Ziya Neema, Donna Weaver, Beth Watson , Luis Abreux , Ginny Burnett and Rowena. 11-7 PM 4401 Sinclair Ave. Austin Texas 78756 backyard patio weather permitting

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inspirations from Mardis Gras 2010

We just returned from a neighborhood caravan to Mardis Gras. This was one week after the Saints won the Super Bowl so to say "magic was in the air" is a monumental understatement. I love Mardis Gras....and yes I hate crowds and yes it can get crazy but it is simply fantastic. The parades are beautiful and every minute the Crews put into the floats shine. I love the music, the happiness, the colors. the beads, masks and the excitement. I never saw anyone out of control or miserable. I did almost kill myself with a "Voodoo Punch" but it was all self induced. Anyway it is artistically inspirational. Wow. Hates off to those New Orleans folks, they know how to throw a party.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haiti and its influence

My grandmother took me on a Caribbean Cruise as a child. I was the lucky grandchild that got to go on her cool trips. It was a maiden voyage on the massive ship and we went to Jamaica and Haiti and the islands were simply magical. This was 40 years ago so much different than today. My time in Haiti was very powerful. The markets, strange fruits and vegetables, colorful clothing and beautiful people all speaking french. We walked through all the markets & wondered through the voodoo stalls everywhere. From that time I have been fascinated by this African religion and all the art it has influenced. I personally feel this trip was the beginning of my journey as the folk artist I am now so far away from the devastated island and its courageous islanders.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 Happenings

Well good news bad news ! I am home painting today and getting new art work organized by photographing , measuring, pricing etc . The bad news I have been laid off again from Light crafters because of the slow work . With the time I have I am working hard to be productive and work on my own art. I spent a day trip yesterday with my talented friend Ziya running around San Antonio to the Museum of Art, El Mercado , the riverwalk and seeing my very talented friend Cackie Hayes in a play fundraiser for Bexar County. It was so much fun. Other than the play and seeing my friend shine I loved the latin american art collection and the oceanic pieces. What an inspiration !

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back to Painting

I am so happy to be back to painting. I think for some reason I forget the process, the blending of colors and creating something new and fresh. It is a challenge to come up with new ideas , fresh subjects and exciting for our collectors. I normally "See" what I am going to create complete. Then I move colors around in my head for days. Most the time If I am having some difficulty with a piece in my head I go swimming . For some reason swimming the colors are fluid and move around effortlessly. Now that I know what my next pieces are going to be I can't seem to paint quickly enough ! soooooo fun......

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have an urn website and have had one for over 10 years. I painted my first urn for my grandfather Elton Marr when I was in college. We could not find an appropriate urn we liked so i found a beautiful wooden box and painted an angel on it. Years later when my son Ezra was a baby I was exhausted ! I laid down to take a rest and the entire business flashed before me like a slide show. i researched what was offered on the Internet for months, interviewed funeral business owners, found distributors for the boxes, a retired wood worker near Austin and my husband graciously built a website with my vision. Ten years later it is still up and running and I am stepping up by site with a shopping cart. This is a huge business and I am not in it to get rich. I enjoy the personal collaboration with families and friends to make something Unique for their loved one. I am afraid with texting and emails people are less willing to pick up their cell phone and talk to another person for any reason . I wonder if collaboration will be a thing of the past ?