Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Process of Painting according to me !

I am often asked how I come up with ideas, how I paint, do I draw paintings out? I suppose many of my paintings seem random in theme , a bit crazy and they are. I like what seems to be a traditional theme to have unique twists, a surprise , an imbalance really. I have ideas and think about them for quite some time. If play with colors in my head and if I have difficulty moving colors I swim and they all fall in place effortlessly. I don't sketch, I hate sketching and did not learn to really draw until after college. I don't like pencils, pastels, chalk . clay or anything that makes my hands feel dirty ! All artists are different, I embrace those differences and I am happy to admit it is odd. I am certain if I liked to draw my art would look different, and I am satisfied that they are not sophisticated but raw & always fun. I find the frame I want first, cut my board to fit. Next a basic sketch and get to work. I love painting outside unless it is Summer in Texas and 104F. I move into my dining room and take over. My family is at times patience of the art supplies taking over our house . I love the last layers of paintings. layers and layers and then I add one more than I should . I used to believe in the less is better but since I turned 40 another 5 layers are better. I varnish my pieces. the colors pop, put the back on and begin day dreaming about the next piece !

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