Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two Art Shows Hang Next Week & Pricing

I have 2 art shows that will be hung next week. Sunday I will hang 29-30 new works at the Hyde Park Bar and Grill -Central Location on Duval in Austin. I have wanted to show here for a very long time. Owned by dear friends Erika and Bick Brown it is our favorite restaurant in town. always fantastic food and service ..and did i say fun ? Anyway Anne Ducote organizes and curates all the Hyde Park shows and does a fantastic job. Anne is a fabulous artist in her own right. This show will be up for 2 months (down mid June) . My second show will be with fellow fabulous folk artist Terry Powell. He is such a fun artist and happy spirit I am thrilled to be on the same postcard invitation ! This show will be at the Amplify Credit Union on Burnet Rd. and Braker Lane in Austin This show will be up for 3 months. I will be showing 9 of the Rare Austin Magazine original paintings plus several of my metal pieces. This is curated by Diane Graden. I am working now on pricing my pieces for the show. I have always tried to keep my prices reasonable and not escalate too quickly in my art career. I have been selling in galleries since 1985-after graduation from ATM and my beginning introduction to retail with "RED GALLERY" in Dallas, Texas. 24 years of selling in galleries in Dallas, Austin, Virgin Islands, shows, adding collecotrs and new commisions etc . With this economy i have read dozens of articles and blogs regarding pricing in down economies. This is a hot topic between artists and lost of opinions fly. I hope to always be fair however art supplies, websites, printing and shipping etc. have not been reduced so I will carefully and respectivly have available the range of prices to sell at my shows. I will continue to paint and be happy about being an artist.

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