Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cuban Art comes to Austin

My great friend and talented artist Luis Abreux escaped Cuba years ago. His mother still lives on the beautiful island and just returned this year for the first time with his exquisite girlfriend Julie. It was a powerful trip in many ways but he also connected with artists friends he knew. He offered to take some of their work back to Austin for a show of their work. He assured them it was not a gallery show but displayed beautifully in his studio and East Austin back yard setting. He had ice cold water & beer flowing and a cool band totally appropriate for this venue. He also had roosters sealing the deal next door ! I arrived his studio and immediately was drawn to a wooden block print . I am thrilled to add it to my collection and more than happy to support a fellow artist. His friends would be soooo happy to see the efforts Luis put into this show and the display was more heartfelt with his enthusiasm in the showing of his friends from home. How cool for all of us.

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