Sunday, November 22, 2009

Next show 12x12 show Dec 5th

Ziya and I were guests of Connie Green at her H25 "Happening location 25" for the EAST tour this year. The East tour used to be a weekend and now lasts for 9 days-a bit of a marathon for most artists. We set up for 2 evenings only in Connie and Joe's backyard beer garden lit by the moon tower and it was beautiful. Thank you to all our friends and family that came out to help set up and support us ! Our next show we have signed up for is :

>MARANDA PLEASANT GALLERY: 12X12 HOLIDAY ART BOX SHOW Pick up your 12x12x2 panel to create your contribution to this posh and popular show, which features more than 450 pieces of original artwork for $100 each. See website for details. Deadline: Dec. 3. Exhibition: Sat., Dec. 5, 6-10pm. 2235 E. Sixth, 713/

This is a fantastic show for collectors to buy art for 100$ a panal regardless of the artist ! This is also a great way to meet artists. Doors open at 6pm and people are given red dots to buy art and check out with your 12x12 under your arm !

Ziya, Connie, Donna and I are all jumping in with other 700 artists and it should be a blast. We are also revving up for our Dec. 11th holiday show at my house . This is allot of creative activity to close out 2009. I am ready for this year to come to a quiet close !

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