Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Creating Websites

I manage a few websites. For years they were built for me by my husband, friends and web masters. I tried to design them they way I thought they should be built and then would mail photos, mail CD's of photos, word documents and hours of discussions of options and changes I wanted. Well over the years I had lists of domain names, passwords, hosting accounts, credit card charges and expired credit cards, lost websites etc. It was my pain in my ...... Well I decided I wanted to build my own sites my way in my time and make a mess and myself only to blame if they were dreadful ! With the help of webmaster Ziya Neema (artist extroinenair ) and mac iweb expert she helped me create my first few sites. Don't get me wrong it took hours of learning, mistakes, lost files and uploading to the universe and black hole before I felt confident. I love building sites now and my last one was : . My own personal sites I have built are : and Please check them out when you have time !

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