Sunday, June 12, 2011

Portrait Commission

I recently was commissioned to paint my friends 2 children . We had discussed it for years painting her beautiful daughter as a mermaid. Everytime we saw each other we were mortified we had not began to process and so this year I contacted every person interested in a commission. When we got together and brainstormed we realized it would be only right to paint both her great kids in separate paintings. We wanted them to capture their personalities as well as their hobbies and pet dog that had passed away. Honestly I was more than nervous. For perfect likenesses I use my camera not my paint brush... my whimsical translation is not always realistic. I marched on and the paintings came . I had so much fun thinking of both the kids while I worked and prayed not only would my friend be satisfied but the kids (now entering teenager cool age) would be happy as well. I delivered both paintings last week and to my relief all was happy with my version of their gorgeous kids ! 

1 comment:

  1. You captured my kiddos fabulously. We love you folk/whimsical interpretation. When things get tense and stressful, as they so often do, I will encourage that we go look at your paintings hanging on our wall in hopes that they will remind us to make "it" fun and to not take life so seriously sometimes. Thanks sooo them!